My Top 10 Exercises to do at your desk to feel great!

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Do you believe in your body’s potential for resilience but somehow you still have unresolved aches and pains?


Or maybe you feel overly busy, stressed or tired and want to reconnect with your sense of inner calm?  


Do you want to find ways to continue to feel great as you get older, or perhaps even feel better than you do now?


My name is Jenn and I help people that want to be healthier, stronger, less stressed and pain-free and that are ready to take the steps towards getting there.

I want to work with you if:

  • You are experiencing foot, knee, hip or back pain and want to learn how to align and move your body in ways that restore functional movement and decrease pain;
  • You feel overwhelmed or are experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression and you want to learn techniques that help you release stress and find your sense of ease;
  • You are pregnant and want to move your body in ways that prepare you physically for childbirth while also releasing fear and building your confidence;
  • You recently gave birth and want to connect with other moms while releasing shoulder tension and regaining functional core strength;
  • You want to improve your health, get out of pain, stress less and feel great and are ready to make lifestyle changes that will get you there.

I believe in the resilience of the body and that we are designed for healthy, whole-body, pain-free movement.


I also believe in the strong connection between the mind and the body and that feeling better requires a holistic approach.


When it comes to movement, I consider movement nutrients just as important for our health as food nutrients.  We require a great variety and quantity of movements to support our resilience and optimal health.


Making changes to your movement diet is more accessible than you may think.  Moving better is not about scheduling more time in your day to exercise and then feeling badly about yourself when you can’t do it.  My approach to movement empowers you to make change through simple and effective strategies to incorporate better movement throughout all of your daily activities – including while at work!


I am a body geek…

and have been studying anatomy, biomechanics, yoga and movement, as well as stress and the relaxation response for more than a decade.


In my classes I combine what I’ve learned with clear and calm guidance to help you build confidence as you discover new and more optimal ways to align and move your body and learn strategies to help manage stress and find deep relaxation.


I enjoy making movement light and fun and I’ll encourage laughter while we practice scientifically sound yet, at times, seemingly silly movements with our bodies.

I’m an Experienced Yoga Teacher, Nutritious Movement Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist, Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT®) and a Relax and Renew® Restorative Yoga Teacher.

You can learn more about my personal story here or view my credentials.


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