Eyes, Screens & Covid-19

In these times of social distancing many of us are spending even more time on screens than we were before.  Now in-person meetings, coffee break socials, book clubs, and fitness classes have moved to screens.  I’ve been hearing from many people that are feeling screen fatigue.  So I thought I’d write a little blog on …

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Progressive Overload Part 2

Just in case you missed Part 1, Progressive What? I thought Overload was Harmful. This will be the more concise summary version. If anything here sounds weird, please refer to Part 1. KEY MESSAGES: Pain or injury happens when you load a part of your body more than that part of the body has the …

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This is Your Brain on Silence

I find fall a great time of year for self-reflection.  Last week I had the opportunity to study the therapeutic applications of Restorative yoga with Judith Lasater in San Francisco.  Judith doesn’t waste words – she has a gift for invoking words for a purpose and in ways that don’t offend and often inspire.  I …

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Restorative Yoga: The Art & Science of Relaxation

Although I’ve been teaching Restorative yoga for many years, in recent years, through studying with Judith Lasater, I’ve gained a much deeper appreciation for the Art & Science behind creating a Restorative yoga practice. Judith has been teaching for nearly 50 years, has written several books on yoga and is credited with popularizing Restorative yoga, …

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