Strong & Supple Hamstrings Class

Strong & Supple Hamstrings Class

  • October 20, 2019
    4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Sunday October 20, 4:00-5:30pm


Do you feel that your hamstrings are constantly “tight?”  Have you been going to yoga or otherwise finding ways to stretch your hamstrings but just can’t shake that tight feeling?  Do you have limited mobility through the hips as you reach towards the floor?  Or maybe you are super flexible in your hamstrings but they still always feel tight and you’re wondering if there might be another approach.  This is the class you don’t want to miss!


This class will involve a fun and unconventional approach to hamstring strength and flexibility through yoga and body weight exercise. If you’ve been focusing on stretching your hamstrings or if you’ve tried to turn on (activate) your hamstrings in a forward bend but couldn’t figure out how, this workshop is for you! We’ll focus on concentric, isometric and eccentric hamstring strengthening exercises and on finding our active range of motion in forward folds.  An active class – you’ll leave with a much greater awareness and suppleness of your hamstrings!


Not convinced that strengthening your hamstrings is what you need?  Here’s some science-based info on how our body works:


Often we go to yoga because of perceived tight hamstrings that we feel we need to stretch and lengthen. However, a sensation of “tightness” has more to do with the nervous system and doesn’t indicate a need for the hamstring muscles to be stretched or lengthened.  This runs contrary to the abundant advice on the Internet recommending yoga and passive hamstrings stretches to cure tight hamstrings (this advice suggests the hamstrings are short) but the science just doesn’t support that advice.


Often muscles feel tight when they lack strength and the ability to control the range of motion of our joints.  Strengthening the hamstrings through their full range of motion can often take care of that tight feeling and, contrary to popular belief, strength training through the full range of motion can actually improve flexibility!


Those with very passively flexible hamstrings (like regular yoga practitioners) often have problems “finding” their hamstrings when asked to activate them. This is where passive flexibility doesn’t transfer into being able to control that range of motion (using that range of motion in an active way during everyday life).  A common condition amongst regular yoga practitioners is a condition called proximal hamstring tendonopathy, which is really a nagging pain high in the hamstring near where it meets the sitting bone (this condition also commonly affects runners).  Strengthening the hamstrings (which loads the tendons) is a great way to improve tissue health and resilience.


In summary, many of us can benefit from developing more hamstring strength and this strength-training can also help us improve range of motion and decrease feelings of tightness.  Strength in the hamstrings lets the nervous system know that movement is safe, allows us to be in control of our range of motion and loading regularly is also important for tissue health and resiliency! So what are you waiting for?  Register for this class below!



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