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My Top 10 Exercises to do at your desk to feel great!

You’ll also stay connected on my latest classes, workshops and blog posts with tips and practices to optimize your health, de-stress and improve strength and flexibility.

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RePose classes, workshops, retreats and programs will change regularly.

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Class Descriptions

Brief descriptions of RePose classes can be found here.

For full descriptions of classes currently scheduled, please see the links from the RePose Schedule.

Prenatal Movement & Yoga

Appropriate for any stage of your pregnancy, these classes incorporate yoga and other movement techniques to help you stay comfortable in pregnancy and prepare both mind and body for birth.


The focus is on helping you align and move your body well for pregnancy, creating awareness that you carry with you as you move at home, work and in your life beyond the class! Starting early in pregnancy can give you time to create change in how you move before your baby gets bigger.


In addition to active movements, these classes will also help you cultivate relaxation and connection with your baby while releasing fear and mindfully preparing for birth. You’ll learn techniques to help you connect your breath, core and pelvic floor, encourage baby to position well for birth, and build confidence for childbirth!

Postnatal Movement & Yoga

If you are a busy mum that wants to move your body and practice self-care in a safe environment with your baby, this class is for you!


Meet other moms in a class designed to allow you to safely regain your core strength. We’ll explore the whole-body connections between your posture, shoulder and upper back tension, how you breathe, and how your core is functioning. Regain pelvic floor and real core strength; release tight shoulders; and practice breathing and relaxation techniques that help ease the transition to motherhood.


These classes will help you discover movement that supports your optimal health and as much as possible will be tailored to the group of women that signs up.

Vinyasa Fusion

Mindfulness, movement, breath, and variation!


This is a fun, flowing yoga class incorporating variation of movement within standard yoga and yoga flow sequences.  Be prepared to change up routine! Whether you are new to Vinyasa Yoga or have had a practice for a while, this class will offer you a chance to challenge yourself!


I’m so excited to teach this NEW class!  This fun, moderate-intensity class will combine my original background in Ashtanga & Vinyasa (Yoga Flow), with my more recent studies in whole body movement, loads, and biomechanics.


Be prepared to have fun and explore movement in a variety of ways!

Restorative Yoga

This class offers an opportunity to unwind and find deep relaxation to restore your nervous system.


If you feel busy, stressed, overworked, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed or just otherwise want to restore your sense of calm, balance and ease, this is the class for you!


Restorative Yoga can help you to build resilience to the everyday struggles and reconnect with your sense of inner calm. Each week we will practice several deeply relaxing and restorative postures that are designed to reset the nervous system, improve sleep and increase your overall energy and feeling of well-being.

Fertility Movement & Yoga

Find support in a community of women trying to conceive.


Whether you’re just starting your fertility journey or have been on one for a while these classes are designed to support both your physical and your emotional well-being. High levels of stress and anxiety have been shown to decrease fertility. We’ll practice mind-body techniques that elicit a relaxation response and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for rest and digest. We’ll also work physically to align, move and restore your body in ways that release the psoas muscles, and restore movement and blood flow to the region of the pelvis and reproductive organs.


Being in a safe space with other women sharing your journey is very healing and I’ll share several other resources that may help you along your way.

Mama Core Restore

Whether you gave birth six months ago or six years ago, if you want to regain core function, this is the class for you.


These classes take a holistic approach to the core. Pelvic floor, abdominals, diaphragm, psoas, and muscles in your back and legs are all involved in how well your core (your centre) is functioning. If you are dealing with core issues such as sneeze pee, diastasis recti, or prolapse this program will complement your work with a pelvic health physiotherapist. If you are not dealing with a particular issue, yet feel your core function has not “returned to normal” yet, these classes will help. The emphasis is on learning how to move well to support core function. These classes are not about attaining a particular look, losing weight, or developing 6-pack abs. Closing an abdominal gap, resolving pelvic organ prolapse symptoms, and stopping trampoline or sneeze pee have nothing to do with what your tummy looks like.


Improving function can help you to feel better both emotionally and physically and that is what matters.


RePose workshops and retreats change regularly. The following describes some of the workshops and retreats that RePose offers. For a full listing of current offerings, please see the calendar of scheduled events here and subscribe to RePose events on Facebook to stay informed about future events as they come up.


The Psoas Workshop

The psoas is a wonderful and mysterious muscle in your body that you may never have heard of.


You have two psoai (one on each side). This muscle is deeply affected by the physiological stress response. Because of this, experiences of stress, fear, anxiety, and trauma can embed themselves within this muscle. The psoas is also affected by our chronic habit of sitting – desk, sofa, car, kitchen table, bicycle – how many hours a day do you sit? Because of the location of the psoas and its many attachment points along the spine, as well as its tendency to chronically hold tension, the pattern of your psoai can wreak havoc on your body. It can be a pain in the butt, hips, and low back. It can affect the health of your core as well as how well you breathe.

This workshop will help you discover your psoas (psoai) and find out what areas of your body are being affected by it. We’ll do deep work to give you the experience of a psoas release and shed light on some of your movement blind spots to help you move better and become more mindful of when your psoas is influencing your movement.


You’ll leave the workshop feeling more grounded, relaxed and comfortable in your body with some suggested daily practices to assist you in continuing to love your psoas.

Restorative Yoga Workshop

In this workshop you’ll learn the basics of the practice and gain a rich experience of deep relaxation and its many benefits.


There will be ample time to experience the essence of restorative yoga: relaxation. You’ll get the deluxe version of the poses and experience some of the refinements in the use of the props that are not always possible in a time-limited class (come and learn your favourite use of the props so that you can set yourself up well in class). This will allow you to go more deeply and softly into your relaxation and you will leave feeling totally rejuvenated!

Whether you are new to restorative yoga or have already experienced the transformation it allows, this workshop promises an afternoon of relaxation, self-care and honouring YOU.

Pelvic Floor Workshop

The pelvic floor is a very misunderstood and under appreciated part of the body.


Pelvic floor muscles are responsible for supporting your pelvic organs (bladder, rectum, and uterus in women). These muscles are reflexive, meaning they need to be responsive to changes in load as you move throughout your day. While a strong pelvic floor is important, we have come to view muscle toning as the only path to a strong muscle. A strong pelvic floor musculature is also flexible and capable of relaxing.

In this workshop you will learn a balanced approach to maintaining the health of the pelvic floor.


We’ll discuss kegels (pelvic floor toning exercises), and why they do not present a complete picture of how to maintain pelvic floor health. We’ll also work with developing a greater awareness of our pelvic floor and the importance of pelvic floor relaxation. You’ll discover movements you might be doing everyday that are impeding your pelvic floor from working well and learn how to transform them into movements that encourage a balanced approach to the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles. This includes education on how you sit, stand, walk and move throughout the day in addition to how you move when you exercise.


If you are currently experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction (pain, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence) this workshop will be appropriate for you and you’ll also learn when you should seek a referral to a pelvic health physiotherapist.


From time to time RePose offers half or full day retreats focused on deep relaxation and often supporting health and healing through both restorative exercise and restorative yoga.


Although each retreat is a little bit different, see the information below about a past Relax Retreat to help you get an idea of what you might experience. For upcoming retreats check the RePose calendar or subscribe to RePose events on Facebook.

What is this Retreat all about?

An opportunity to unwind and find deep relaxation to restore your nervous system.


This one-day retreat will: Provide a safe place to practice self care; help you connect with a deeper understanding of what disrupts your ease; and give you new strategies for building resilience and calm into your daily life.

What you will experience (sample from February 2016 Retreat):

  • Heart-lifting and Calming Meditation Practices
  • Mindful Yoga Practice to Bring a Softness to Your Body
  • Workshop: Understanding the Physiology of Stress and Influencing Lifestyle Factors
  • Nourishing Lunch (provided)
  • Movement Class to find and Connect with Your Psoas (the muscle of stress response/emotion)
  • Deeply Relaxing Restorative Yoga Practice
  • Finding Your Personal Path to Self Care and Tuning into your Inner Wisdom

What you will take home:

A restored sense of calm in mind, body and spirit so that you are better able to care for yourself and loved ones.


Practical tools for lowering stress, improving sleep, and building a self-care practice.


A greater understanding of the physiology of stress and simple lifestyle tricks to hack your stress.



Who is this retreat created for?

This retreat is for anyone who wants to learn how to increase their resilience to the everyday struggles and not less stress run their life.


It is for those who want to find ways to restore their wellness and sense of calm on a daily basis.


Prenatal Program

Stay tuned for more information about this program that will focus on health and wellness for pregnant women.



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