My Top 10 Exercises to do at your desk to feel great!

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Prenatal Movement & Yoga


Appropriate for any stage of your pregnancy, these classes incorporate yoga and other movement techniques to help you stay comfortable in pregnancy and prepare both mind and body for birth.


The focus is on helping you align and move your body well for pregnancy, creating awareness that you carry with you as you move at home, work and in your life beyond the class! Starting early in pregnancy can give you time to create change in how you move before your baby gets bigger.


In addition to active movements, these classes will also help you cultivate relaxation and connection with your baby while releasing fear and mindfully preparing for birth. You’ll learn techniques to help you connect your breath, core and pelvic floor, encourage baby to position well for labour, and build confidence for childbirth!


Postnatal Movement & Yoga


If you are a busy mum that wants to move your body and practice self-care in a safe environment with your baby, this class is for you! Meet other moms in a class designed to allow you move in a way that supports your optimum health. We’ll explore the whole-body connections between your posture, shoulder and upper back tension, how you breathe, and how your core is functioning. Safely regain pelvic floor and functional core strength; release tight shoulders; and practice breathing and relaxation techniques that help ease the transition to motherhood.

Midday Movement Rescue


This lunchtime class is the perfect antidote to your desk job. We’ll explore whole-body movement that will help you relieve muscle tension while gaining functional strength and improving stability. These classes will include movement education – discovering habitual movement patterns that are hiding the ways in which your body is not moving well. You might be surprised by the challenge presented by seemingly simple movements when you are required to stabilize one part of your body while moving another. The focus will vary from week to week (hips/pelvis, legs/feet, upper body/shoulders, core, back, etc.). Simple tips on how to improve your workstation and daily movement habits will also be sprinkled throughout the class.


Be prepared to have fun and walk away feeling restored and stronger after just 45 minutes!

RePose Restorative Yoga


This class offers an opportunity to unwind and find deep relaxation to restore your nervous system.


If you feel busy, stressed, overworked, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed or just otherwise want to restore your sense of calm, balance and ease, this is the class for you!


Restorative Yoga can help you to build resilience to the everyday struggles and reconnect with your sense of inner calm.



Each week we will practice several deeply relaxing and restorative postures that are designed to reset the nervous system, improve sleep and increase your overall energy and feeling of well-being.